Thursday, August 20, 2015

Watercooler Blog Hop

August 2015 Blog Hop photo August 2015 Banner.jpg
This Blog Hop runs in a circular fashion.  No matter where you begin, you'll wind up back in the exact same place again if you keep going to the "next" blog.  It works the same way whether you go  forward through the blog posts or in reverse order

this is my card i used the saying today calls for something pink with sprinkles on top i used a piece of ribbon as a tray and the top of the tray is in the corner i have oreos and crystal effect cherries on top of the cupcakes 
this card i hand colored the background there are to birdies in the trees from white christmas i punched and popped up a yellow circle for a sun  and cut it in half this one has the saying i'm so lucky to call you my friend  and it looks like the  birds are calling to each other in a dying sun 
this is the reason i haven't done a lot lately i finally got a cat for my birthday her name is dash she likes to steal my stuff she is very artistic by batting at my marker paintbrush when i'm using it she likes to steal were your sitting when you get up she likes to play with dogs tail and he gets up and goes and pouts in his bed
my grandma's blog is next.